Customizable number of posts on blog index
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Let user customize number of posts per page. Perhaps limit to something like 10 or 20.

Stretch goal
If user chooses 1 per page, Next button should link directly to second post (i.e. via permalink, instead of page number).

Change setting:

  • API
  • Web

Display / page according to setting:

  • Web


Discussed on the forum.

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A new user (a photographer) requested this, and I think it makes sense to add it soon.

We're now starting to add more custom properties on Collections (e.g. with Web Monetization support in #369 and {T464}). So with this, I think we should switch from using the collectionattributes table to a new collections column: attributes, containing a JSON object of properties for the collection.

Besides reducing database queries, it'll also ease Collection fetching and make the process more consistent.