Support asynchronous cross-posting
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Complementing T331: Better cross-post management, this will make platform/channel connections more useful and enable quick sharing to them.


The API should simply supply a crosspost endpoint for sending the exact same crosspost object that would be passed with a new post, which simply fetches the post information and processes it and sends it off as if it were a newly published post.


Posts list should include an action under each post that says "Share" or similar. Pressing it should present a dialog with the cross-post options normally in the Pad dropdown.

We could do things here like preview what a post looks like on each post (a la Blogger posting to Google+), showing different data sent to each platform, what the tweet might look like, etc.

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This is fairly straightforward to implement, so will be one of the first new Pro features to go with our new (higher) pricing.

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This will be crucial for supporting other publishing platforms outside of