Write a Dockerfile
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Docker provides a good testbed and environment-fluid deployment method. Produce a Dockerfile to generate a slim Docker image for Write Freely.



This is intended for system administrator and developer usage.


This will require writing a Dockerfile. Developing a CI/CD pipeline to automatically build and push from this is outside of scope of this task.



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I have a simple but functional Dockerfile that I use. You can get it on my GitLab. Really it doesn't need much; feel free to use it in the official distro; right now it takes the URI of the current release as a build argument; if you need additional build integration I'd be happy to help out.

BTW if you can tell me how to do a build I'll include that in a multi-stage Dockerfile that will build the app and yield a compact image.

Thanks @bkoehn! A lot of people have their eyes on the Docker setup right now, but for now @benovermyer has taken the reins on it. What other kinds of build integrations could you help with?

Otherwise the release recipe in the current Makefile shows how to do a build -- that should be a good starting place.