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Let users choose a custom avatar to use for their profile in the fediverse.



Requested on this forum thread.


Phase 1

When getting a user's avatar URL, first check the avatars directory for {collectionID}.png. If it exists, use that. Otherwise, there is no change in the logic.

Phase 2

Support uploading an avatar in the UI.

On the blog's customize page, if federation is enabled, show what it currently is (the first letter of the blog, by default). Include a file upload field next to it, and upload that file as {collectionID}.png in the static/img/avatars/ directory.

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matt added a subtask: T550: Image uploading.

This requires T550 -- it's not a required part of it.

We can probably support this in combination with the new custom favicon feature (T282), as suggested in this discussion.

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