Local timeline
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Let instances have a publicly visible stream of posts from users who have opted in to making their posts public on it.


It's a standard feature of AP-enabled platforms, but will be useful for anyone who wants to show off the writing on their instance, whether federated or not.


User discussions on the forum and fediverse.


  • New bool admin setting for non-single-user instances: [app] local_timeline that:
    • Adds /read page with a display of the most recent posts
    • Adds /read/feed endpoint with RSS feed
    • Shows optional Public setting on user blogs. When selected, the blog will show up in the local timeline


General ideas:

  • Abide by relay standard (if it exists) so that / other instances can subscribe to a WF instance via ActivityPub
  • Allow admin to make the timeline available, but private to logged-in users instead of public
  • Allow admin to choose default blog visibility for all users

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