Gopher support
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It would be fun / interesting to support the Gopher protocol.


This would provide another lightweight way to access posts on WriteFreely/ without making the experience more complicated for average users, or adding clutter to the web UI.


Add a new gopher configuration value that's false by default.

When the setting is true, users can access a WF instance via Gopher protocol (e.g. gopher://

Multi-user instances

If the public timeline is enabled on an instance, users should first come to a list of public blogs on the instance, like they would on http://{}/read. They can then select a blog and get a list of all of the blog's posts.

Single-user instances

Single-user instances should first list that user's posts. Users can then retrieve individual posts.


  • Output format? E.g. plain text, Markdown-stripped, HTML, etc.
  • Anything else cool we could do here?

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