Disable collection's Public setting
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Allow admins to disable a collection's Public setting so that it doesn't show up on the Reader.


Originally requested on the forum:

It would be useful from an anti-spam/moderation point of view to be able to disable certain users/blogs from appearing on the /read page.




On the admin page of individual users, perhaps on the "Visibility" row for each collection a user owns, add a button that performs this action. Example button text:

  • Mute
  • Disable Public setting
  • Block from Reader

When clicked, this should POST to a new admin endpoint like /admin/collections/mute, which will run two queries:

// Flag the collection as muted
_, err = t.Exec("INSERT INTO collectionattributes (collection_id, attribute, value) VALUES (?, ?, ?) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE value = 1", id, "muted", "1")

// Change the collection's visibility setting to Unlisted
_, err = t.Exec("UPDATE collections SET private = 0 WHERE id = ?", id)

Next, the edit collection page should check for this collectionattribute and, if present, visibly disable the Public option. It should also check for this value when updating a collection and changing the visibility to Public, blocking the change if the value is present.

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