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Allow users to save a bit of text to be displayed at the end of every post on their blog.


Authors commonly include a signature, call to action, etc. at the end of their posts. Right now they can do that by copy-and-pasting or using templates in an outside tool. Building it into the platform would make it easy to add and importantly, easy to update.


  • Provide the interface for inserting a new collectionattribute named post_signature (see Design section)
  • Check for this value when loading an individual post (we should only show the signature on blog post pages, not the blog index)
  • If it exists, append it (after a newline) to the normal post content before Markdown parsing, and parse it all


Add a new section in the blog's Customize page (maybe near / with the CSS and JS fields) that allows a user to enter plain text.


This should be a Extend feature, probably available for a $10 one-time fee.

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