Support ActivityPub mentions
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When users make an @-mention in a post, we should parse and send that data to the fediverse.



Besides allowing more interaction in the fediverse, this also enables an early form of commenting, for those who want it. Users can mention their Mastodon / Pleroma / etc. account in their blog post, so user responses from those platforms will also mention said account, where notifications and richer interactions already exist.


  • Parse @user@instance.tld syntax
  • Discover user / instance inbox?
  • Include user mention information in activitystreams data (what properties are needed?)

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matt created this task.Jun 4 2019, 4:21 PM
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matt added a comment.Mon, Jul 8, 1:24 PM

We should investigate the feasibility of doing mentions with Markdown links, e.g.

[this user wrote](@user@domain.tld)

as mentioned on the forum.