Publish to account from Linux app
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Users should be able to log in and publish to their account from the Linux desktop app.


With T603: Publish to account / collections finished in the CLI, we should let users:

  • Log in / log out
  • Choose a destination for their posts: anonymous or one of their collections
  • Publish to that destination



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One prerequisite I see for this is changing the authentication process. Currently the cli asks for input in the form of the password, after you feed it a username. I'm not sure
if there's a way to provide that input from a GTK app. So, there are two options I can think of:

  • The cli command asks for a username and password as arguments. Not the best way, in my opinion, because that means the password would be in the history of anyone who used it via the command line.
  • Oauth or something similar. The cli provides a link to initiate the authentication process, and then the user gets a code back and feeds it to the cli with a separate command. In the app, we can handle this automatically by overriding g_application_open.

I agree about not wanting to have passwords in command line users' history, but I think supporting an optional password flag would be the simplest route. I'm thinking of the mysql client as an example, where you can supply -p without anything else and it'll interactively prompt for a password, or accept a password along with the flag if you want.

For us, the current behavior could remain unchanged, and if someone provides a non-empty -p flag, we could skip the interactive prompt and just use the given value.

cc @robjloranger