Collection should default to username
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Currently with other instances, a new post is created under drafts. It should be the users name when no collection was specified.

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in go-writeas PostParams tells JSON to ignore the Collection field

So, the PostParams.Collection field was left out of the JSON because it shouldn't ever get sent along with the payload. Instead it's used to set the API endpoint in go-writeas, e.g. /api/collections/{Collection}/posts. Is there another reason it's needed in the JSON?

Sorry I missed that part. I admit I was eager to do some work yesterday.

The reason is it wasn't working without it present, which is weird. The posts still went up as drafts. I can test again using the previous version.

No worries. Yeah, the library should be taking the parameter and using it to change the endpoint, as is done here in post.go

OK, let's revert that commit and I will test more to see what the real problem is.

Sounds good. I'll go ahead and revert it.

ok, super strange but it does work now without the collection being sent.

As mentioned in this GitHub comment, we want to support posting drafts with wf-cli, so we don't want this behavior.