Create a Flatpak Package For GTK App
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Flatpak is a cross-distribution, sandboxed packaging format for Linux. Developers can ship flatpaks in bundles or by distributing them from a repo - there are tools to set up your own repos. Currently the desktop app is distributed as a deb package without a repo - meaning that only users on .deb based systems can use it. With flatpak we can reach more users, and have better stability guarantees.


The first task is to create a flatpak manifest for Within GNOME there's a process that involves two flatpak manifests: one for development and one for distribution. If we go that route, here are the tasks that I think would be good:

  • Create development flatpak manifest
  • Create flatpak manifest for regular usage
  • Set up a flatpak repo
  • Make the flatpak repo available to those who purchase the app

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