Blog-wide option to disable Matomo-based Analytics
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The ability to disable the Matomo-based analytics for a blog. That means disabling the views over time graph as well as the referrers, leaving only the post views and, by extension, the top 25 posts. (might be leaving something else out though)


Brought up by a user on the forum here. Here is how the user put it:

Since I use a custom domain, my adblocker (the Brave Browser), flags Matomo as a third-party cookie/tracker. I would like to be able to disable these analytics for my own blog, as knowing how many hits (server-side) my posts have received is more than enough for me, and I don’t want to collect any data I don’t have to for maximum respect of privacy.


Blake and any user who wants more flexibility with privacy options.


Probably would be an option in the "Customize" settings of a blog to toggle off extensive analytics. Might include a link to Matomo and their privacy guidelines. It could also be a part of our privacy guidelines or a post that we create.

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