Support manual admin password reset
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Enable admins to reset a user's password from the admin dashboard.


Especially in hosted environments, admins should be able to manually reset user passwords from the web interface.


Add a new "Reset Password" button to a user profile in the admin dashboard. When pressed, generate a password (similarly to what we do on and display it nicely to the admin, instructing them to send the new password to the user.

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Here's some starter code for handling when an admin presses the "Reset Password" button (ideally, put this in admin.go). It either accepts a new password or generates a temporary one.

// import ""

// TODO: update signature
func adminResetPassword(u *User, w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) error {
    pass := r.FormValue("pass")
    if pass == "" { 
        // Generate new random password since none supplied
        pass = passgen.NewWordish()
    hashedPass, err := auth.HashPass([]byte(pass))
    if err != nil {
        return impart.HTTPError{http.StatusInternalServerError, fmt.Sprintf("Could not create password hash: %v", err)}

    userIDVal := r.FormValue("user")
    log.Info("ADMIN: Changing user %s password", userIDVal)
    id, err := strconv.Atoi(userIDVal)
    if err != nil {
        return impart.HTTPError{http.StatusBadRequest, fmt.Sprintf("Invalid user ID: %v", err)}

    err = app.db.ChangePassphrase(int64(id), true, "", hashedPass)
    if err != nil {
        return impart.HTTPError{http.StatusInternalServerError, fmt.Sprintf("Could not update passphrase: %v", err)}
    Info.Printf("ADMIN: Successfully changed.")

    // TODO: output the generated password in an HTML page, etc.

The current UI status, showing the success message after submission.

Looks great 👍

I'd say we bring the explanation message into the same box that shows the actual password (the visual differentiation makes it seem like they're unrelated).

And let's just make do a single "Reset Password" button, instead of having the option to choose what it is. That'll keep it simple. And along those lines, we should probably add a Javascript confirmation that they want to reset. Maybe say something like: "Are you sure you want to reset this user's password? This will generate a new temporary password that you'll need to share with them."

ok, how about this:

I was trying it with the text centered but it looks a bit weird.

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