Improve core navigation
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Default WriteFreely navigation flow is very unintuitive. We should make this more intuitive:

  • without severely disrupting users used to the current flow, and
  • while offering a smooth upgrade path for existing users.


  • Keep our write-first approach
  • Improve flow from drafts/anon posts back to management side
  • Make post management easier from post pages
  • Improve flow from collections
  • Improve flow from editor without adding clutter


Will evaluate the data we have on to aid in this.

On WriteFreely, these changes will likely be tied to the chorus configuration option, where UX improvements have already started. So instance admins can choose the new interface for their users.

On, we'll need to introduce changes gradually, maybe simultaneously making it the default for new users, and provide a way for existing users to opt-in if the end result is a drastic change from what we have today.

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