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Add a more accessible editor that makes formatting easy for everyday users.


Especially for Teams, we can't expect users to know or even want to learn Markdown. We should give instance admins the option to offer their users an editor that's easy-to-use, even if it comes at the expense of visual simplicity.


ProseMirror seems perfectly suited for this, presenting a WYSIWYG interface and creating Markdown behind the scenes.

  • Create a new template (e.g. templates/wysiwyg.tmpl) based on templates/pad.tmpl
  • Set editor = wysiwyg in config.ini (if named this way)
  • In templates/wysiwyg.tmpl, use ProseMirror instead of the <textarea> for the writing interface.
  • When publishing, pass along the title, plus the Markdown body
  • When editing a post, pass in the title and Markdown body into the ProseMirror editor for rendering

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I'm going to try to wrap this up.

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Found a resource for adding the CMD + K binding for adding links:

Looks like it's something you can add as a custom plugin.

I could also see this being used for the CMD + P binding for publishing.

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