User-friendly app settings docs
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Add documentation for different settings on the admin App Settings page that goes into a little more depth, where needed.


As part of T694, we want to make this page accessible and usable by as many people as possible.

This is also an opportunity to speak specifically to different kinds of admins, e.g.

  • Community admins (open / invite registration, instance meant for wide open internet)
  • Group admins (invite / closed registration, instance meant for specific group of people)


Add docs for the following topics. From GitHub #264:

  • Choosing a name for your site
  • Choosing a "Landing Page" value
  • Choosing a "max blogs per user" value (unlimited, only one, or limited)
  • Controlling registration (open, closed, invite-only for admins, invite-only for users)
  • What it means to run a private instance vs. public instance

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