Set up TestFlight signup page for WriteFreely app
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Create a sign-up page for users wanting to participate in the beta test for the WriteFreely iOS app.


Invitations for beta testing of iOS apps are sent through TestFlight to email addresses, so there needs to be a way for interested users to provide this information to the team's App Store admins.


Beta testers with iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad).


Typically this is a form on a webpage that asks for an email address.


  • Because of TestFlight limitations (100 testers per build), it's possible that not everyone who requests access will have it granted right away; there should be copy indicating this.
  • The page should provide some information on the app.
  • The page should include a link to support options (i.e., the forum topic).
  • The page should include a link to an app-specific privacy policy.

Event Timeline

This is live on the site now:

Includes the app-specific privacy policy:

As discussed in Slack, we'll update this with the TestFlight build link when we have that.

The page is live now, with the current TestFlight link.