High trust, on-blog replies
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Allow any blog visitor to make a public comment on the blog.


This would publish the post, in its raw form, directly to the blog without any filters at all.

Unlike other commenting venues, it assumes the highest trust possible for visitors. E.g., by virtue of the visitor being on the blog, they have the right to publish whatever they want there. As such, this is unsuitable for blogs that are completely open to the web, but could be acceptable for the following situations:

  • A blog available only to paid subscribers (i.e. a small, trusted community of people)
  • A password-protected blog, as described on the forum:

trying to figure out the best way to integrate comments for my kids’ blogs, especially. They want to see a little something from family or friends in response to their posts. Ideally, in our case, the commenting ability could be limited to just those people who have access to the blog (through the link or password etc). For our use, focus on privacy is paramount. To have a “sacred place” to express, and create and interact .



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