Support Team member account deletion
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Allow users that are part of a team / Organizations to delete their account.


Right now, we prevent account deletion, as it would mean removing that user's content from a team / org.

Implementation / Questions

We have two data points on each org member:

  1. Their personal user information
  2. Their organization information

We should be able to completely delete (1), as requested by the user, while maintaining (2), for the sake of public data about that user being retained in the application.

We'll then want to reflect the deleted account status across our applications. When retrieving an org member that exists without a backing user profile, display the user's {display_name} (deleted).

Other requirements

We'll likely want an organization-level setting that gives admins control over how deleted accounts are handled. We'll need to involve org admins to answer these questions:

  • Should we ever disallow account deletions?
  • Should we always preserve their organization profile data?