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Create an Organizations role that allows a user to submit a post for review before publishing.

Use Cases

User request and +1


  1. Authenticated user submits via prompt
  2. Authenticated user submits directly to a blog

Commentary (@matt) :

Primarily to keep things simple and unified, I like the idea of using for this. would then stayed focused on the concrete action of publishing directly to a blog, whereas continues facilitating submissions to a human team for review.

In this case, though, we might be limiting ourselves by requiring that people respond to a prompt. Instead, we could add an option on the admin side: "Allow general submissions". As a submitter, this would require an account, and be showcased on the home page. Clicking it would drop them directly into the editor. Reviewers can then publish it wherever they want.


  • Require a account?
  • Require an Organization membership, too? (Adds user management overhead)



User can't post, or edit or delete other people's posts. User can't change blog settings.

TODO: answer the Questions above for implementation

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