Option to disable blog submissions
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Add a blog customization option that lets a user disable submissions.


Right now, when activating, all blogs on an account or team automatically get a page. Giving users the option to disable submissions will help keep the UI clean, and reduce mental overhead for users.


Creating the issue now, after activating for a 5-year user interested in trying it out for a project (i.e. isn't their primary reason for using the platform).


Add an extra flag or collection attribute that indicates whether a collection should have a page.

If so, keep current behavior on and If not, on hide the Prompts and Submissions blog items; on return a 404 on the collection page.


Idea 1: Add an option, only visible with activated, that lets users disable submissions.

Idea 2: Add an always-visible option that lets users enable submissions. If they have, simply enable submissions; if not, allow them to purchase the upgrade (ideally through a modal window).