diff --git a/templates/collection-tags.tmpl b/templates/collection-tags.tmpl index 6849fee..7cad3b7 100644 --- a/templates/collection-tags.tmpl +++ b/templates/collection-tags.tmpl @@ -1,194 +1,194 @@ {{define "collection-tags"}} {{.Tag}} — {{.Collection.DisplayTitle}} {{if not .Collection.IsPrivate}}{{end}} {{if gt .Views 1}} {{end}} {{if .Collection.StyleSheet}}{{end}} {{if .Collection.RenderMathJax}} {{template "mathjax" .}} {{end}} {{template "highlighting" . }}


{{if .Posts}}


{{template "posts" .}} {{if .Posts}}
{{else}}{{end}} {{ if .Collection.ShowFooterBranding }} {{ end }} {{if .CanShowScript}} {{range .ExternalScripts}}{{end}} {{if .Collection.Script}}{{end}} {{end}} {{if .IsOwner}} {{end}} {{end}} diff --git a/templates/collection.tmpl b/templates/collection.tmpl index 18942a9..6623a2e 100644 --- a/templates/collection.tmpl +++ b/templates/collection.tmpl @@ -1,229 +1,229 @@ {{define "collection"}} {{.DisplayTitle}}{{if not .SingleUser}} — {{.SiteName}}{{end}} {{if gt .CurrentPage 1}}{{end}} {{if lt .CurrentPage .TotalPages}}{{end}} {{if not .IsPrivate}}{{end}} {{if .StyleSheet}}{{end}} {{if .RenderMathJax}} {{template "mathjax" .}} {{end}} {{template "highlighting" . }} {{if or .IsOwner .SingleUser}}{{end}}

{{if .Posts}}{{else}}write.as {{end}}{{.DisplayTitle}}

{{if .Description}}


{{end}} {{/*if not .Public/*}} {{/*end*/}} {{if .PinnedPosts}} {{end}}
{{if .Posts}}
{{end}} {{if .IsWelcome}}

Welcome, {{.Username}}!

This is your new blog.

Start writing, or customize your blog.

Check out our writing guide to see what else you can do, and get in touch anytime with questions or feedback.

{{end}} {{template "posts" .}} {{if gt .TotalPages 1}}{{end}} {{if .Posts}}
{{else}}{{end}} {{if .ShowFooterBranding }} {{ end }} {{if .CanShowScript}} {{range .ExternalScripts}}{{end}} {{if .Script}}{{end}} {{end}} {{end}} diff --git a/templates/user/articles.tmpl b/templates/user/articles.tmpl index 4956301..67d3e0b 100644 --- a/templates/user/articles.tmpl +++ b/templates/user/articles.tmpl @@ -1,145 +1,145 @@ {{define "articles"}} {{template "header" .}}
{{if .Flashes}}{{end}}


{{ if .AnonymousPosts }}
{{ range $el := .AnonymousPosts }}

edit delete {{ if $.Collections }} {{if gt (len $.Collections) 1}}
{{else}} {{range $.Collections}} move to {{.DisplayTitle}} {{end}} {{end}} {{ end }}

{{if .Summary}}


{{ else }}

You haven't saved any drafts yet.


They'll show up here once you do. Find your blog posts from the Blogs page.


Start writing

{{ end }} +

They'll show up here once you do. {{if not .SingleUser}}Find your blog posts from the Blogs page.{{end}}


Start writing

{{ end }}
{{template "footer" .}} {{end}} diff --git a/templates/user/collection.tmpl b/templates/user/collection.tmpl index 08e8886..8af3bda 100644 --- a/templates/user/collection.tmpl +++ b/templates/user/collection.tmpl @@ -1,236 +1,238 @@ {{define "upgrade"}}

Upgrade for $40 / year to edit.

{{end}} {{define "collection"}} {{template "header" .}}

Customize {{.DisplayTitle}} view blog

{{if .Flashes}}{{end}}


{{if eq .Alias .Username}}

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  • @{{.Alias}}@{{.FriendlyHost}}


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  • Only you may read this blog (while you're logged in).

  • A password is required to read this blog.

  • + {{if not .SingleUser}}
  • {{if .LocalTimeline}}

    This blog is displayed on the public reader, and is visible to {{if .Private}}any registered user on this instance{{else}}anyone with its link{{end}}.


    The public reader is currently turned off for this community.

  • + {{end}}

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