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Design principles for Includes UI, UX, architecture, etc.

General principles

A few general principles guide all decisions while building


Interfaces, both user- and application-facing, should be as simple as possible.


The goal is not doing as many things as possible, but doing one thing well -- whatever that thing may be.

Backwards compatibility

Software evolves; but users will always depend on certain functions remaining the same. Users shouldn't need to drastically update their workflow to accommodate new changes; rather, should accommodate existing and new users, providing simple mechanisms for existing users to "opt-in" to new leaps in functionality.

For example, started as a telnet app. While undoubtedly less used now, it is still available (run telnet But there are new ways to use in more modern means through the Android, iOS, and other apps.

NOTE: Obligatory CYA clause. These are principles we hope can stay the same throughout the life of, but of course, may not. Please don't break out the pitchforks (but let us know how it affected you!) if we break some of them.
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