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Remaining Anonymous is designed to provide service-level anonymity to everyone by default, without any extra effort from you, the user. This is done largely by avoiding collecting data on you -- we don't require personal information, such as your name, email, or birthday to use and post to We also avoid collecting your IP address, and encourage you to gain network-level anonymity by using Tor to access our hidden service. (or any other anonymity system) can't provide personal anonymity. Past the service level, you can help ensure your anonymity by keeping a few guidelines in mind:

  • Don't reveal your name or other personal information in your writing. Instead, create an alias for yourself.
  • Don't use your friends' or family members' real names in your writing. Instead, make up names for them.
  • Don't mention your physical location if it isn't necessary for your writing. If you do, be very general, or only mention pertinent information to illustrate your point, e.g. "It was a warm day for late December in the mountains."

Why anonymity is important

Today, many of us leave large parts of our lives on the internet, carrying over our private thoughts and interactions onto a not-so-private network. This enables us to connect with friends, family, and strangers across the world, but requires a lot of personal vigilance to get the same privacy digitally as we do in the physical world. So we built to be anonymous -- and hence private -- by default, to help ease this burden.

We agree with the EFF's stance on anonymity.

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