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We're building tiny, focused products that each start with a simple idea and use-case. Once that idea is out in the world, we follow it as far as it takes us. For example, the idea of a privacy-first, anonymous text-publishing platform in has led us to pseudonymous publishing and Read, a common area to read ano-/pseudonymous writing.

All products share some common ideas. Each:

  • Stands as its own product
  • Leverages other products in some way
  • Has a limited scope
  • Keeps data collection to bare minimum

A text publishing app


Publishing text to the web.


  • Simple editor
  • Post to external sites
  • Access writing on multiple devices
  • Easily distribute writing ano- or pseudonymously

A website publishing app


Throw up a quick web page.


  • Publish a web page without signing up
  • Preview web page in real time

A private writing app


Keeping notes, thoughts (are language-based thoughts the only ones we care about?), and ideas (again, only language-based?).

To answer: pen and paper will always be superior for sketching free-form ideas. At least that's what we'll operate on.


  • Write something down in a plain, stripped-down editor
  • Share writing to other note-taking apps, public places (like,

A collaborative writing app


Simple, text-based collaboration.


  • Create shareable text documents
  • Let anyone edit the document without signing up for anything
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