Add ability to generate users from the command line
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Allow the generation of users from the command line non-interactively.


The creation of the initial user is the only piece of WriteFreely setup that is still interactive-only. Adding this feature will make it possible to completely automate the initial setup of a blog.


Advanced users and automation.


Create a command writefreely --create-user username:password that creates a user with username username and password password.

Support for single-blog setup is in scope. Support for multi-blog setup is out of scope.

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Great point. This should be relatively easy, so maybe we can get it into the next release.

Implementation-wise, because this is only for single-blog setups, maybe this would also throw an error if an initial user already exists?

Also, I think this task is more for WriteFreely, not the CLI client. (I'd update it, but don't have edit permissions).

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I updated the task's tag and changed it to be editable by All Users. Is that the right group?

Yep that's perfect, thanks 👍 That way anyone can make changes if needed. I've also changed that default value in the "Create Task" form.

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Could really use this, especially now that is up and running, so I'll get started on it.

I'll be using it in a multi-user environment, so I think I'll keep the mentioned behavior and name the argument --create-admin, so the meaning is a little clearer.