Instance-level static pages
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Allow admins to create static pages (like they already can with About and Privacy pages) that will be added to navigation on the site.



Admins of multi-user instances


Save all data to appcontent table. Add new fields:

  • title - display this value in navigation
  • location or link - describes where the link is show, e.g.
    • header - the top navigation bar when not logged in
    • footer - footer navigation bar
    • NULL - don't add to any navigation, but keep the page accessible

Any created pages should become reserved usernames. If saving and a username is already taken, return an informative message and save page (since they're already expecting it to save) with an alternative slug, e.g. {slug}-page.


Add /admin/edit/{slug} route. Page should have fields:

  • slug
  • title
  • content

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