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Users should be able to create a link in their blog navigation that goes to an external URL, instead of a blog post.


Requested in this thread, and others.


We should leverage the existing "pinning" mechanism to accomplish this. We'll need to gather:

  • Title (to display as link text)
  • URL (to send user to)

Essentially, if a post contains only these two things and is pinned, we can assume the pinned link should simply redirect the user. We might consider supporting several different formats for posts:

[My Home Page](
# My Home Page

Also, when a user is logged in, the pinned post should navigate to the post instead of the end-URL. This might cause confusion, but will ensure users can still edit, unpin, and delete their post. We might consider showing some kind of notice on that post to users, so they know readers will automatically be redirected.

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