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Users should be able to supply a caption / quote / bit of text to go along with each photo they upload.


This will help with migrations that need captions associated with each photo.


Accept a new (optional) body field on upload. If set, we should store this in the database along with the file information.

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How does this look in practice in terms of caption below an image, hover text over an image, and alt-text for screen-reader access?

This is really the base functionality needed to preserve captions in the migration, and store them alongside images. So right now, these will automatically turn into alt-text that displays in the UI -- e.g. the "Share on" Markdown text here:

Then, as far as the display-side of things like you're mentioning, I think that'd be covered more by e.g. T621: oEmbed support on photos. With that, you could embed photos in your blog in a way that would automatically include the captions, which we could then style however we want.

Gotcha, thanks! Since the current site stores for images:

  • Title (used both as hover text and as below-image caption)
  • Description (appended to below-image caption)
  • Alt text (yep, alt text)

The first two can be merged, but then will there be a separate channel for alt text or will that need to be merged somehow too? Plus dedpulication might be needed between the three

The plan right now is to include the Title and Description information in (so we can incorporate those later), and then include the alt text in the posts themselves. But it might make sense to add "alt text" storage to too. We can do that if it seems to make more sense.