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Blogs should have a page that lists all tags that have been used on that blog.


Users want a single place to come to and browse all the topics they've written about.


Suggested by Connor Martin on the public roadmap


Refactor tag storage system (T809: Support categories (internally)). Then SELECT tag FROM tags WHERE collection_id = 1 and display them all on a page.

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The refactoring involved here would also fix certain hashtag-related items like WriteFreely #219 Only hashtags with English/ASCII names are supported.

It would also speed up and support other advanced queries, like different home pages (#fight_back_news_migration).

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Is there a ticket for being able to include multiple streams of data on the front page (making it possible to have sections for "All Recent Posts", "Featured Posts", "Posts Tagged with X", etc)?

@heyakyra This is addressed in T812. Basically, that'll be possible with a new custom template system.

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As suggested on the forum, we should also add an API endpoint for this.

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