Support user-generated blog index templates
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Enable users to supply a custom template file for more advanced publication layouts.

Use Case

Some publishers may want a non-standard home page that pulls in multiple streams of posts.




  • T821 for creating and editing the landing page template
  • T813 for querying different post feeds
  • T810 so users only need to develop templates that show content -- not show content and manage posts.


Provide a web-based editor for users to create templates in (T821). They'll define the body of the landing page:

{{define "content"}}
  <div id="featured">
  <div id="content">
  <div class="tagged">
    {{taggedPosts "category-here"}}

latestPosts and taggedPosts would be the names of functions included in the final template, which make the corresponding queries (requires T813)

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