Support draft posts
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Support blog post drafts, as commonly implemented in other blogging platforms.


Drafts will offer certain new features over the current Anonymous / "Draft" feature we have today:

  • Full post preview before publishing to a blog (feature request), including:
    • The blog's design
    • MathJax (discuss)
    • Media embeds
  • Posts federate and send out via email upon final publish
  • Set post slug before publishing (feature request, discuss)
  • Schedule posts / set publish date before publishing (T867, feature request)
  • Work on multiple drafts without complicated publishing workflows (feature request)


  • Create a new endpoint at POST /api/collections/{alias}/drafts
  • Store posts as content_type = draft
  • Drafts can be edited at POST /api/collections/{alias}/drafts/{post-id}
  • Drafts can be published at POST /api/collections/{alias}/drafts/{post-id}/publish
    • Alternatively: add new property on existing-post endpoint to publish drafts and change published posts back to drafts
  • Drafts should only be viewable by logged-in owner and team (T858: Shared drafts)


Change Posts page to have tabs for Anonymous posts (current) and Drafts. Part of T810: Blog post management section. Allow easy mass management as mentioned in that task.

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Other platforms that we want to support importing posts from have the concept of Drafts. We should keep that when people bring their posts over.