Replaceable, single-purpose images
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Add an optional attribute to images on that indicate a particular purpose, or usage slot, for them, e.g. a user avatar or blog favicon. Applications can then upload to this usage slot, and replace any current image, if one exists.


Add a new column to the snap_photos database table, e.g. app_use_id, and index it with the owner_id.

On upload, if an app_use_id is given, store this. If there is a conflict, i.e. the owner+useID already exist, then delete the old photo (both file and DB entry) and upload the new one and insert into the DB.

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Implementation came out a little differently: now applications can supply both a key and an id, e.g. avatar and 1, where 1 corresponds to a profile or collection ID. This should make it more usable across our apps, while also supporting Organizations.

Note: these shouldn't show up in the user's Photos.

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